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Italian Graffiti - Update from Our 2015 Trip

One thing I've noticed on our trips to Italy is how creative Italians can be with their graffiti. I suppose it's because throughout history, Italians always been a very artistic and expressive people.

We visited Sicily again this May and, as always, my camera is on the lookout for graffiti. Scroll down to the end of this post are some of the new ones I found. You'll even find one 50 feet long! It's interesting that no graffiti did I see in Sicily that was obscene or negative. Instead, they were all romantic and/or philosophical. 

The author of this graffiti certainly had an opinion of McDonald's food!
Translation:  McDonald's is shitty food - Boycott it.
The pressing question is...
Who would even want to eat McDonald's food in Italy with all the marvelous Italian food available everywhere?

Italians have always been romantics and so their graffiti is frequently about love.

Here, it looks like someone got ditched and was looking for a second chance.
Translation:  Shall we start over?
(little scribbled heart and all)

Unfortunately, I never snapped a picture of the very first "love" graffiti I saw in Italy. I believe it was in the city of Siracusa. Stretched across a huge cement overpass, in letters perhaps 3 foot high, was painted a graffiti that read,
"Ti amerò per sempre, per sempre, per sempre,per sempre...per sempre!"
Translation:  I will love you forever, forever, forever...forever!"
The graffiti started at one end of the bridge and the "forevers" extended repeatedly to the other end.
That's a LOT of forever - and a lot of love too!
(The lovers probably split the next week.)

I say, if ya have to look at graffiti, it should at least be about love. Right?
I'll make sure to be on the lookout for more good Italian graffiti on our next trip to Italia.

Graffiti Update from Our May 2015 Sicilian Trip

We visited Sicily again this May and, as always, my camera is on the lookout for graffiti. Here are some of the ones I found. It's interesting that no graffiti did I see that was obscene or negative. Instead, they were all romantic and/or philosophical.  Take a look:

"Piccola mia, ti amo da morire. La mia principessa. By Il tuo cucciolo!"
Translation:  "My little one, I love you to death. My Little Princess. By Your puppy!"

"Dove c'é porti amore."
Translation:  "Where there is hatred...I will bring you love."

"Tu che della mia esistenza sei l'essenza."
Translation:  "You who are the essence of my existence."

"L'uomo e irragionevole, illogico, egocentrico: Non importa..Amalo."
Translation:  "The man is unreasonable, illogical, self-centered: That's not important..Love him."

"P. Ti Amo. Sei tutta la mia vita."
Translation:  "P. I love you. You are my whole life."

"La vita é preziosa, abbine cura."
Translation: "Life is precious, take care."

And...this was the best one of all, covering over 50 feet of cement wall. It took six photographs to capture it all. You'll be amazed at the translation of this lengthy statement at the bottom.

"Scusa per non averti dimostrato quanto é forte il mio amore per te...ormai é tardi ma non smetto disperare che un giorno sarai di nuovo mia. 25-11-11 (E+V)"
Translation: "Sorry for not having shown how strong is my love for you ... now it is late but I do not stop to despair that one day you will be mine again. 11/25/11 (E+V)"

Does that one tear your heart up or what! That griffiti was written over three years ago. I can't help but wonder if they ever got together again.  Hmmm...Maybe not if the graffiti is still there. 
Well, that's Italians for ya. Romantics to the end. 

- Nina Spitzer

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