Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gatti Italiani: Italian Cats!

Cat at the Teatro Greco in Taormina

Being feline fanciers, Charlie and I always notice stray cats on our Italian excursions. From the top of the Italian boot to the bottom and all around Sicily too, we've never met a cat we didn't like. They all speak Italian, really, and have the same relaxed demeanor as their human counterparts.

Roman Forum Cat

Rome is known for its cat sanctuary, Torre Argentina, at the Forum. Sheltered among the old temple ruins live more than 250 cats. Volunteers donate time seven days a week for their care. Visitors and donations are welcome. Be sure to notice the cats at the Forum on your next trip to Rome.

If you're a feline fancier too, you'll enjoy this gallery of some of the "gatti" we've met on our trips to Italy.

Tuscan Cat

Sicilian Cats

Venetian Cat

Umbrian Cat
Umbrian Cat

                                                                                             Piedmont Cat
Venetian Cats

Tuscan Kittens

                                                                     Sicilian Cat
Tuscan Cat
Sicilian Cat

                                                            Puglian Cat

I can assure you, there were many times we were tempted to take one or two "gatti" home with us, but we resisted. 

Regulations for bringing animals back into the U.S. make that thought prohibitive. Still, we enjoyed their company for a little while, and I had the chance to practice my Italian with some native speakers. "Miao!" ("Meow" as spoken by Italian cats.)

- Nina Spitzer

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